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Learn To Surf Noosa

Learn to Surf Noosa

Len Costantini from our marketing team recently dropped in on Learn to Surf Noosa to find out what makes Noosa the best place to learn to surf. Merrick Davis, the former 2 x Australian and 1 x World Pro Am surf champion has been heading up Noosa’s iconic surf school, Learn to Surf Noosa, for the past 22 years.

Originally from Manly, Merrick’s love affair with Noosa started in late 80’s.

“My cousin who lived up here was always telling me about how good the surfing was in Noosa”, says Merrick.

“So in 1987 I competed in a surfing event here and was completely blown away, not only by the quality of the breaks but also the water temperature.

“Noosa is a dream compared to Manly in terms of water temperature. Here we only use wetsuits 3 months of the year and board shorts for the rest – it’s just too good,” he says.After almost a decade of professional touring with his board, Merrick had an opportunity to relocate permanently to Noosa, working at his girlfriend’s family operated resort.

From there he took over a fledging surf-school operated by Surfing Queensland and turned it into his own professional surf school, now operated by his family and a closely knitted team.

Learn to Surf Noosa operates at Noosa West Beach, just west of the ‘Groin’ rock wall on the western end of Main Beach.

Johnathon Free is one of several expert surf instructors working with Merrick Davis, teaching people from all over the world to gain their confidence in the water.

According to Johnathon, this part of Noosa is one of best places to learn to surf anywhere along the coast, for a number of reasons.

“You have the protection of the Bay, so generally that means slightly less elemental exposure and the banks are really consistent here”, says Johnathon.

“That’s something we look for when we are teaching – nice even sand banks with waves breaking more consistently than our other beaches.

“This area allows you to catch waves at waste height and it’s away from the main swimming area. Generally, this means a safer and more fun lesson”, says Johnathon.

While having one lesson is a great start to get a handle on the basics, Johnathon recommends that if people are really keen, then more than one lesson is ideal.

Merrick Davis, Learn to Surf Noosa owner

Johnathon Free, Learn to Surf Noosa instructor

Holiday goers Learning to surf

“If people are really keen to learn to surf then our 3-lessons package gives a really good foundation”, says Johnathon.The future is looking very good for LTSN and for surfing in general with more and more people taking up the sport.

They runs group lessons twice a day (9am and 1.30pm) for 2 hours per lesson – rain, hail or shine. Normal and costs are $65 per person for one lesson or $180 per person for 3 lessons (see our special offer below). The minimum age is 7 years.

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